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Platinum Construction:
Safety quality and trust

We design projects with all the specialties and adapted to all the civil regulations.

We execute construction projects in houses, buildings, commercial premises, sheds, etc. For residential and commercial customers. 

We will help you save money while modernizing or restoring your property, office or commercial space. 

Siding – Install or repair
We have the worthy alternative to beautify your roofs and, at the same time, make them waterproof. 

Manufacturing and installation. The repair of the gutters in time prevents damage to your property. We manufacture, repair or clean gutters, with results of the highest quality.  

Ideal to take advantage of natural light, decorative, durable and resistant, they give a greater diffusion and even distribution of light. Varied specialized models for each of your needs.

Based on our experience we can offer you:
 Constructionof roofs in houses and buildings
 Flat roof
 Metallic roof
 Tile roof
 Maintenance of roof
 Paintings of all types


Residential services and Commercial services :

We offer our roofing services to residential and commercial customers, including: New construction, Re-roofing, Storm damage repair, and general maintenance. Manufacturing and installation of gutters. We offer different types of roofs according to your needs.

Our most common works:

We are a complete team that includes ironworks, bricklayer, installers, specialists, construction masters and engineers, all staff with extensive experience (10 years) in the branch of roof installation work, tongue and groove,  we install all the material, we do everything type of construction work and roofing. Waterproofing, skylights, gutters, everything adjusted to your needs.

We consider all the stages, from the design to the execution of the remodeling works.

We’re licensed for contracting:
License contractor number: 88211
We moved to any area of the New Mexico region.

Platinum Construction: Leader in the Roofing Market
Each project is a challenge to carry out a new and 
personalized work to satisfy our customers.

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