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Leader in the Roofing Market

About Us

Design, construction and maintenance

   Platinum Construction is a growing company founded in 2003, since then we have been designing, building and remodeling residential and commercial areas. We specialize in installation, remodeling, repair and maintenance of all types of roofs, carrying out many projects.

  Platinum Construction has specialized in the integral design of roof for commercial clients and residences, with design projects that encompass the interior area and exterior remodeling, making sure that its roof remains in excellent condition.

   Platinum Construction has a multidisciplinary team consisting of interior designers, architects, sales people and installers; A team of true professionals that allows us to carry out projects according to the needs of the client.


We promote a fluid communication with the client, to concretize the desires of the same, considering the real possibilities of adaptation and development of the designs. We have the training and technical equipment necessary to perform our tasks professionally.

 Our field of action:
 Project and design.
 Construction of roof in general.
 Preventive Maintenance.
 Remodeling in general.


 Our values:
 Satisfy the needs of customers with products and services that result in the improvement of their quality of life.
 Ensure permanent respect for the environment.
 Punctuality and Discipline to meet our commitments on time.
 Commitment, which allows us to move from promises to events, generating results and benefits.


Platinum Construction: Leader in the Roofing Market
Each project is a challenge to carry out a new and 
personalized work to satisfy our customers.

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